Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry restores the functionality and appearance of your smile.

Our Family Dentistry provides El Paso with an experienced reconstructive dentist. We understand that your smile plays a vital in establishing a first impression. Reconstructive dentistry can enhance your smile to correct any oral issues you may be having.

Reasons for needing reconstructive dentistry

Severe tooth decay
Several years without a dentist visit

Mouth-related injury due to accident
Damage to teeth as a result of grinding

At our dentist practice, our dentists and staff offer the latest techniques in reconstructive dentistry. Our services include: dental bridges, dental implants, oral surgery and full mouth restoration. We will restore our patient’s mouth with the latest reconstructive procedures. If you have any question regarding our reconstructive dentistry, please feel free to contact us at 915.855.3220 (Zaragoasa Office) or 915.996.9888 (Horizon Office) for more information.